The maintenance instructions for many of Kett's products can be found on this page.


92-28 and 92-31 Service Bulletin

Service Bulletin for the 92-28 screw and 92-31 Insert Change

Changing the Blades in the Kett Double-Cut Shear

Instructions to chang the blades in the Kett double-cut shear

Changing the Blades in the Kett Scissor Shear

Instructions to change the blades in Kett scissor shears

KD Model Replacement Switch Bulletin

Istructions to order replacement switch for KD model switches.

Portable Power Saws Operation and Maintenance

Saw head adjustments, replacing blades, care of motor and saw head and cutting with the Kett saw.

Saw Blades Included With Kett Saws

Part numbers of the saw blades included in Kett Saws

Screw Changing Procedure

Instructions to change the 92-28 screw and 92-31 knurled insert from the 40-28 screw and 40-31 knurled insert.

Shear Blade and Shear Blade Kit Specifications

What blades are included in shear heads and shear blade kits