AN3500 Nibbler

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Product Overview

NEW and IMPOROVED DESIGN over the HN, AN3000 nibbler. The bronze slider has been replaced by a heavy-duty roller bearing. The old bulky cast plunger has been replaced by a lighter yoke. These changes have resulted in smoother operation and better parts life. The plunger, die holder and punch have been completely re-designed: a screw-on punch retainer provides easy access to the punch. Replacing the punch is now a breeze, no more tedious aligning access holes and working inside the tool. Just unfasten two screws and pick out the punch from the external T-slot. The new style symmetrical-punch provides two cutting edges. When the first edge gets dull, just turn it around and get DOUBLE PUNCH LIFE. For better tool handling, the front handle with a comfortable non-flip rubber grip has been added. It also serves as an additional support when servicing the tool in an upside down position. The HN2 uses a 1-1/4 horsepower, 6 AMP electric motor that cuts 10 gauge C.R. mild steel and most grades of stainless to 12 gauge at 90" per minute, with a cutting radius of 6".

Product Specifications

    • Head
    • Motor

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