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Since 1940, the Kett Tool Company has been producing quality, specialty power tools for professional contractors, builders and manufacturers. Whether it's shears, nibblers, or saws, you'll find that at Kett Tool Company, we make tools that you'll find no where else. Discover what you can cut with Kett!

NAFTA Certificate of Origin2018-01-02

Download the current NAFTA Certificate of Origin in PDF format by clicking HERE It gets updated the first week of each year.

2018 Dealer Pricing2017-12-12

Dealers. 2018 pricing is available on the dealer section of the website. If you do not have a username and password, call 513-271-0333 and speak to a Kett representative.

Right-cutting profile shears discontinued2017-01-05

We discontinued all models of "R" profile shears, including: KD-446R, KL-246R, KM-446R and P-546R. Service and spare parts for these tools will be available for a limited time. The Left-cutting profile shears are still available as before.

KM shear line sale2016-12-09

We are running a limited time sale on our premium KM shear line. These tools are offered at a substantially reduced price. The sale models are KM-400, KM-440, KM-441, KM-442, KM-446L and KM-480. All above tools use a higher horsepower electric motor with a retractable belt clip, lanyard loop and a rubberized handle over-mold for a better hand grip. Search for them on our web site using KETT Tool Finder menu. For more details, call 1-800-215-3210 and speak to a KETT representative.

2016 Dealer Pricing2015-10-28

Dealers. 2016 pricing is available on the dealer section of the website. If you do not have a username and password, call 513-271-0333 and speak to a Kett representative.

Celebrating 75 Years!2015-10-13

Kett Tool is celebrating its 75th year in business. View our 75th anniversary video by clicking HERE

New 800 Number2015-02-02

We now have an 800 number for orders and inquires. 1-800-215-3210

New KL Series Tools2012-04-10

See the NEW KL Series straight-handle shears and nibblers. There is a new 13 gauge throatless shear and a new long neck nibbler along with eight models with interchangeable heads.

Kett Important Announcement2011-11-23

Kett has discontinued all single-speed pistol grip tools. They are being reintroduced with variable-speed motors. The KD-200 is now KD-400; The KD-280 is now KD-480; the KD-246L and KD-246R are now KD-446L and KD-446R . The KD-270 and KD-290 are no longer available as complete tools. The 70-20 and 90-20 shear heads are still available as attachments to your Kett Shear. The KS-221 saw is now KS-421 and KS-226 saw is now KS-426. Please see tools on the website for more information.

New Straight Handle Pneumatic Motor2011-10-26

Kett Tool introduces a new Straight Handle Pneumatic Motor. It is more powerfull than its predecessor and has a rubber ergonamic grip. Take a look at the new P-Series tools on the website.

Kett Tool Awarded Patent2011-07-13

Kett Tool has been awarded U.S. Patent #7,971,360 for the shear blades on the KD-446L and KD-446R. These profile shears easily cut corrugated and flat sheet. See KD profile shears for more information.

Kett KS-444 Saw Review2011-03-23

Reviewboard Magazine has an indepth review on the Kett KS-444 Saw. Click HERE to see the review.

New EPA Video2010-10-18

Kett Vacuum Saw helps you comply with the new EPA lead laws. See it by clicking HERE

New KM Series Tools2010-07-01

New KM series tools with a powerful 6.5 amp electric motor are now available. See the details on the website for more information.

New KD-446L and KD-446R Profile Shears2009-04-29

The NEW KD-446L and KD-446R Profile Shears feature unique scissor cutting action. These snips will cut up to 18 gauge C.R. mild steel, with a radius of three inches. For more information, go to the Profile Shears section of the web site or type in KD-446 in the search box.

Dealers, Have You Tried Our New Web Ordering?2008-08-25

Dealers, contact Kett Tool to get login user name and password to get pricing and place orders over the internet.

Introducing The New Kett Saws2008-08-20

We have replaced the KS-224, KS-424, KS-4AM and PS-524 with a redesigned saw unit. The new KS-444, KS-44AM and PS-544 saws accept the new 3-1/2" diameter saw blade to give a maximum 1-1/16" depth of cut. The new KSV-434, KSV-34AM and PSV-534 vacuum saws also take the 3-1/2" diameter saw blade to give extra cutting depth in a vacuum panel saw.

Kett Saw Blades2008-08-20

Kett saw blades are designed for the use in Kett Saws. T hey have been tested at the RPM of the saws for the application listed.

Fiber-Cement Shear2008-08-20

Kett's Fiber-cement shears cut up to 5/8" thick board without stalling. Giving a smooth clean cut with virtually no airborne dust.

Technical Specifications2008-08-20

Printable PDF Technical Specification sheets are available for all tools. Go to Technical Info and find information on any tool you are interested in.


Watch the Kett Videos to see how Kett Tools work. Then pick the correct tool for your job.